We’re geeks.
And we’re girls.

And we’re business owners who’ve learned how to tame this new media monster into a profitable web beast. Moe Media Marketing was born out of the desire to share our tech smarts with other business owners so they might learn how to implement successful marketing strategies that deliver attention, clients and revenue. We’re really all about driving online success, one business at a time since 2009.

aka “Moe Money”
Cristina Moe CEO / Campaign Architect

Prior to founding MMM, Cristina Moe co-owned Hush, a high-end e-tail and retail chain of women’s high-fashion boutiques in the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly 10 years. The launch of her shop’s first e-commerce site taught Moe that neglecting SEO could prove financially disastrous. She also learned the long, hard, and often expensive way to build a business site implementing effective new media marketing strategies.

Armed with a BS in Design from UC Davis and her new search and social media marketing savvy, she decided to fill the void of sound online marketing products by sharing her effective and profitable practices with other business owners. Moe, developed e-courses and workshops with industry leaders, including former members of Google, and created Moe Media Marketing: an “all girl rock band” of marketing professionals who help grow businesses online.

Moe has also been hired full-time to go in-house for some of the most innovative tech startups as both a Community Manager and Marketing Director. Her expertise includes grassroots marketing campaigns all the way to six figure monthly marketing budgets and everything in between.

When not growing her client’s businesses (hence the nickname “Moe Money”), Moe is either chasing down her 3 year old daughter Sofia, taking a dance class or escaping the San Francisco fog to sip wine in the Napa sun - which isn’t very geek like at all.

aka “Wonder Wareham”
Jamie Wareham Digital Marketing Director

As a self proclaimed ”geek girl“, Jamie is a founder of She-Geeks.com, Digital Director for Techtarts.com and has been featured in online sites such as Discovery’s Science Channel (July, 2009 ”Geek Of The Week“). Jamie is also a member of the National Association Of Professional Women.

She boasts experience in a range of tech sectors and has spent over 17+ years working in areas such as web development, software support, network administration and online marketing.

Wareham is now MMM’s search engine optimization (SEO), social media and community building Superhero who maximizes her expertise to help small businesses build powerful web presences in a single bound. She stays abreast of new technology, constantly uncovering the latest online marketing strategies and implementing digital services that deliver results for our clients.

When not geeking out with a new gadget du jour, Jamie is either flexing her zen meditation skills, drumming around a fire or seeking mountains to climb.